UTL Recruiting

We know what it takes to be great. Let us help you show the world how great you are. We understand recruiting better than anyone. Get promoted today.


utl recruiting  provides maximum exposure !!!

UTL Recruiting understands that the recruiting process starts when the student athlete is SEEN so we created a system that provides unlimited exposure and constant promotion of the student athlete.


We Understand the Game

UTL Recruiting understands that nearly all college coaches are active and spend a considerable amount of time recruiting on Twitter. UTL Recruiting has created ten separate position-specific UTL Recruiting Twitter platforms to maximize recruiting exposure and visibility for all UTL Recruiting members.


UTL Recruiting will constantly promote UTL Recruiting members on TEN of our UTL Recruiting twitter platforms by posting game highlights, offers, visits, camp highlights, edits, track & field highlights, work out sessions and 7 on-7 highlights to college coaches of all levels.

UTL Recruiting Twitter platforms will also post valuable recruiting information such as camp dates, ACT/SAT testing dates, recruiting calendars and college coaches announcements. These ten UTL  Recruiting Twitter platforms will also share valuable position drills and teaching tapes that will greatly increase the UTL Recruiting members knowledge of their position.



These ten UTL Twitter platforms will provide UNLIMITED constant promotion for our UTL Recruiting members.

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